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Location Intelligence in Insurance

Insurance is an industry that has traditionally relied on complex algorithms and vast amounts of data to assess risk and set premiums. However, in recent years, the emergence of location intelligence in insurance has begun to play an increasingly important role.

Location intelligence is the process of using geospatial data, such as satellite imagery and maps, to gain insights into the world around us. This data can be used to understand patterns, trends, and relationships that would be difficult to detect using other methods. In the insurance industry, this data can be used to improve risk assessment, fraud detection, and even claims processing.

Key Benefits of Location Intelligence in Insurance

One of the key benefits of location intelligence in insurance is its ability to provide real-time data. This is particularly useful in the insurance industry, where events such as natural disasters can have a major impact on risks and premiums. By using location intelligence, insurers can quickly and accurately assess the impact of these events and adjust their policies and premiums accordingly.

Another key benefit of location intelligence in insurance is its ability to provide a more accurate assessment of risk. By using geospatial data, insurers can better understand the specific risks associated with a particular location. This can include things like flood risk, crime rates, and even the likelihood of natural disasters. By using this data, insurers can more accurately assess the risks associated with a particular location, and set premiums accordingly.

In addition to improving risk assessment, location intelligence can also be used to detect and prevent insurance fraud. By analyzing geospatial data, insurers can identify patterns and trends that may indicate fraudulent activity. For example, if multiple claims are being filed from the same location, this could indicate that the claims are fraudulent. By using location intelligence, insurers can quickly and easily identify these patterns, and take appropriate action to prevent fraud.

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At baoba insurance we are using location intelligence to create personalized protection solutions. Trusted data with real-time location mapping allows us to:

  • bring more confident data-driven decisions, which improves accuracy in underwriting, pricing and risk calculation
  • respond to customer inquiries quickly when an unexpected event appears (e.g. trip cancellation, extreme weather events)
  • deliver service improvements and new insights to our customers.


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